Bespoke Distro

Bespoke Distro

We Can Manufacture Bespoke Enclosures to Suit any Environment

Common Options Include:

  • MCBs and MCCBs
  • RCDs and adjustable RCDs
  • RCBOs
  • Rack Mount
  • Powerlock
  • Earthing Studs
  • Trip Warning and Current Measurement
  • 110v, 240v, 230v (Single Phase)
  • 415v, 400v, 380v (Three Phase)
  • 32A, 16A outlets (Panel Sockets)
  • 32A, 63A and 125A inlets (Panel / Trailing Plugs)
  • Digital Ammeters / Voltmeters / Multimeters

Have an idea for a custom build? Get in contact with us for a free quote.

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